A Nod from Nelson

Nelson’s got ‘retirement’. It’s not an illness, just something which happens to old carthorses at the end of their career. But when Nelson’s boss, Mike the Milk, has problems with his new milk float, crossword expert Nelson finds himself called out of retirement to head off an environmental disaster. “A Nod From Nelson” is Falklands hero Simon Weston’s first novel for children, combining characteristic clear-sightedness
with humour and compassion.


A Nod From Nelson is Falklands hero Simon Weston’s first book for children. It’s a humorous story with a feel-good factor, and fantastic illustrations by artist Jac Jones appear throughout the text. –The Western Telegraph

You’d be quackers not to enjoy Simon’s really¬†wild adventure. –The Express

Corny jokes, puns and topical references (‘No Lewis Hamilton is he?’) come thick and fast among the mayhem, and Jac¬†Jones’ cartoon illustrations perfectly match the charm and good humour of the story. Books in this format for children in KS2 are not normally illustrated so generously, and this does add to the fun. It’s all very Welsh at St Mary Dairy
in Pont-Y-Cary, with suitable rhythms and cadences, but the story flows well, and although children won’t know who Simon Weston is, they will probably enjoy this. Any adults picking this book up because they know if Weston’s achievements and after-dinner speeches, or lucky enough to get the chance to share this delightful book with children, will get more of the jokes! –Diana Barnes, The School Librarian