A break in at a safe deposit box company. Only four boxes are targeted, all are connected with an unconvicted drug dealer. There is no evidence as to who did it and of course nothing is reported stolen from this illicit staging post. In truth, several million in currency and a curious item is missing. Our thief decides to go on holiday to Spain as he has been living in witness protection in Devon and needs to stretch his legs. But why has he left behind heavy clues, clues missed by the police and why risk his own freedom when his life could be peaceful, protected and prolonged! So two officers from separate forces travel to the Costas to try and piece together the mystery and in doing so meet the inhabitants of Santa Anna, a sad seaside community packed with English criminals … or are they? And the owner of the currency and the item, well he’s not happy and decides to travel to Spain with two Russian security advisors. He is not that concerned about the money, it’s the curious item he wants back.